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Print Publications

  • “Standards reign supreme”, Computing Canada, April 1994
  • “Software Licensing Requirements Statements 1-5” (co-authored), X/Open, September 1993
  • “Connecting SCO Systems to Novell Environments”, LAN Times, May 1991
  • “Using UNIX as a DOS Server”, LAN Times, March 1991
  • “PC LANs and Multi-user Systems: Integrating the Best of Both Worlds”, LAN Technology, March 1989
  • “An Application Design for Distributed Processing”, UniForum conference proceedings, February 1988
  • “SMB Protocols in OSI Environments”, U.S.A.I.S.E.C. conference proceedings, 1987
  • “So you want to buy a modem...” Microvision, February 1985
  • “Victor 3276 User Guide” Victor Publications, May 1984
  • “Introduction to Async”, Tandem Focus, January 1983
  • “Tandem 6100 Communications Subsystem Description Manual”, Tandem Press, November 1982
  • “Byte Oriented Data Compression Techniques”, Computer Design, October 1982