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John HarkerWelcome to Pacific Grids. That's me, John Harker, on the right. This site was my first and reflects one of my passions - the area of Modular Systems and Grid Computing. Also a little bit of my interests in sailing ...

I've worked with computers for a long time - move the cursor over the picture of the IBM 305 console at the top left and see me teaching my first class.

Starting with Tandem NonStop systems and through SCO, Caldera, and Hitachi I worked with multi-CPU, clustered and grid systems since their inception. After over 15 great years with SCO in product management and engineering my division was purchased by Caldera and we parted. Subsequently I worked with ZNA Communications in Modular Computing - blade and brick servers, high-speed network interconnects, cluster, grid and virtual operating environments, and web services application development. My customers included Caldera, Progress Software and the Server Blade Trade Association. I also did business planning and web site development in the wireless market space for Wireless Cables, Inc.

Recently with Hitachi Data Systems in Santa Clara in Product Marketing I was responsible for our Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), Global-Active Device (GAD) storage clustering, our Mainframe Products and Solutions, and our Storage Virtualization and Security horizontal solutions areas.

Having left Hitachi I am currently on an extended sabbatical sailing, exploring north coast mountain bike trails, and generally enjoying life...

  • Expert marketing, writing and web page development
  • Developed and taught custom courses in the areas of Modular Computing, Grid and Cluster computing, UNIX/Linux, and Networking.
  • Expert on selection and implementation of modular and fault-tolerant grid, cluster and cloud computing systems.
  • John Harker - Skill Highlights
    -16+ years Product Management and Product Marketing, interleaved with
    -8+ years Software Engineering
    -2+ years Curriculum Development and Training
    -Four-Phase, Tandem, Victor, Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), Caldera, Hitachi Data Systems
    -Prolific writer, strong web, strong presenter, insightful technologist
    -Technical expertise in Networking, Servers, Storage, SANs, Virtualization, Mainframe, UNIX, Linux, Windows, VMware, Clusters and Grid Computing, Web Services, Cloud Computing, CIM, NAS, SAMBA/CIFS/SMB and NFS
    -Expert Product/Program Planning and Program Management
    -Business Planning, Negotiations and Contracts